Sunday, November 14, 2010

Future thinking makes the present moment a distant concept

Or does the present moment allow future thinking to happen?

I have been enjoying the process of learning so much lately that it has influenced the way in which I am thinking about my future. The thought of settling into a career when there is so much more to learn feels so limiting. So, my current and present state of enjoyment of school has led to my thinking and planning of applying for PhD programs in clinical psychology. With this exciting future thinking it has been a struggle to remain present. I find myself searching graduate programs, summer internships, etc far too often instead of doing my current schoolwork. Where is the balance? Some of this future thinking is necessary to make it happen, yet sometimes I think I have to stay a bit more present. How much to I try to control my future vs. let it happen?

Well, in any case let me just show you one of the PhD programs I have been thinking about lately. UMass Boston-Clinical Psychology Program

This combines my interest in working with children with my interest in cultural diversity and the Spanish language. Also, one of the faculty advisers is researching mindfulness-based therapies on individuals with anxiety. That is exactly what I am currently hoping to research and practice. Very exciting! When I find something like this can you blame me for struggling to stay in the present moment?

A semi-conclusion that I have come to is that I must remain in the present moment to make the future happen. For example, to get into this PhD program I must stay in the present moment in working on my assignments so that I receive the grades needed to get into this program.

Let me know your thoughts!

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